We Are Different

We are different not only because we make our cheese in the traditional way, we make the whole process from the ground till your dish. We sow the cereal that we feed our cattle with and breed them from the very beginning. We milk the goats just before the cheese is made. This allows us to be extremely careful with the cheese production.

Furthermore, our cattle have the privilege of grazing outdoor the whole year in the untouched and natural Cortijo Jurtiga´s land. The traditional agriculture system and the Mediterranean environment meet in the Peréz property. In addition, the symbol of the Jurtiga´s land is part of this property since many years ago. The centennial tree known as “Quejigo de Júrtiga” is an attraction by itself and is very well known by the inhabitants of this region because of its size, age and beauty.

All this environmental features make our milk an unbeatable raw material that makes our cheese delicious and unique.